1. Before using your cloth nappies and inserts, wash on a regular 40° cycle with a small amount of detergent.

2. When natural fibre (bamboo cotton) inserts are wet, before drying, stretch these out, as natural fibres will naturally shrink after washing.

3. Stretch out your modern cloth nappies at the leg elastics, this will help maintain their shape.

4. Line dry all inserts or a delicate low heat tumble-dry. Line dry all modern cloth nappy shells.

5. No bleach or softeners.

After use cloth nappy washing guide

1. Shake, knock off, scrape all solid waste off the modern cloth nappy into the toilet. Take inserts out and rinse both nappy shell and inserts with soapy water to gently remove stains, no need to rinse wee. Rinse/squeeze out any excess water and place in a dry pail ready for pre-wash. Do not soak your nappies as this can cause bacteria to form.

2. Pre-wash your dirty nappies at the end of each day on a quick cycle using only a small amount of detergent. Repeat this over the next 2-3 days and store in a dry pail ready for main wash day. 

3. Main wash all cloth nappies and inserts together, we recommend 40° to help remove any excess soiling on a regular 30-60min cycle using the full amount of detergent required. 

4. After main wash is complete we recommend line drying your cloth nappy shells,  do not tumble-dry as this can cause long term damage. You can tumble-dry bamboo terry and bamboo cotton inserts on a low heat, just make sure you stretch out your bamboo cotton inserts when they come out of the dryer. 

5. Use your choice of detergent, we recommend using a natural detergent in either liquid or powder form.

6. No bleach or softeners.